A Secure Web Gateway Web Filter to protect your users

Tackling the issues of acceptable web usage, productivity loss, web-borne malware, and mobile device integration with our powerful, real-time web filter.

As the web becomes ever larger and indispensable for daily life, you need a solution that answers today’s challenges and will continue to do so for years to come. The internet is overwhelmed with inappropriate and illegal content, and it is your job to protect your users and your organization against the threats that it presents.

Smoothwall web filter

Secure Web Gateway (SWG) analyses and categorises web content in real time without relying on URL blocklists which can quickly become outdated. Whether protecting you from inappropriate or illegal content, anonymous proxy usage, malware, or simply wasted resources, you can rely on zero day protection.

SWG Web Filter from Smoothwall combines a powerful reporting suite, real-time activity monitoring, social media controls and bandwidth optimisation, with BYOD Policies, so you can now see and control everything your users do on the web – even when they’re using their own devices on your network, or taking your devices on the road. Flexible and affordable the SWG Web Filter protects sizes of all networks.