When you need a firewall that can prevent intrusion, protect applications, filter content and so much more, look no further.

Akeydor Limited is Smoothwall’s distribution partner for several markets in Europe and the Middle East today.

Smoothwall firewall

Smoothwall is a complete all-in-one protection package designed with your organisations security needs in mind.

Dedicated to providing a safer web to everyone, Smoothwall are specialist developers of internet security and web filtering solutions. Technology is who we are and creating web security tools that don’t hinder a users experience but provide maximum protection is what we do. Click on the tabs adjacent to see how our solutions can be tailored for organisations within Education, Government, Healthcare and Business sectors.





With market leading BitDefender as our Anti-Malware engine, Smoothwall also combines Layer 7 application control with perimeter firewall and stateful packet inspection to provide Next-Generation firewall functionality. All built into one appliance, you can provide cost-effective protection for your network and shield against all web and non-web borne threats. Furthermore, it includes the market-leading web control of our SWG solution.

Securing your workplace. Helping safeguard students. Appropriate monitoring and filtering. Web filtering and firewall management.


See why your organization should implement Smoothwall

Powerful:There are more than 60 trillion URLs indexed on the web. Smoothwall delivers lightning-fast real-time web filtering, control and protection.

Intelligent: Content-aware web analysis supercedes blocklists and only displays content you want to see, based on categories of your choice.

Smoothwall singles out from competition.

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