HDGUARD.master administration

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All controlling, installation and maintenance work can be carried out quicklyand effectively with the HDGUARD.master from a central workstation:

  • For each pc you can enable or disable the perspective hard disk protection.
  • Modern design and simplified handling
  • As required, the protected partitions can be changed via the HDGUARD.master on any PC.
  • An alarm indicates when a PC is started on the network without the protection ofHDGUARD.
  • Pcs in one network can be managed in groups or rooms together.
    Graphic room overviews give information about the protection status of all computers.
  • HDGUARD clients can be installed and reregistered easily by Drag’n’Drop without having to type in the licence key.
  • Updates of the protected computers (auto-update) or program installations can be carried out centrally, as well as the control of the update cycles for virus scanners or the operating system.
  • Power Saver: Control your PC running time. Enter at what time you want them to run in the morning and when they should be shut down in the evening.
  • HDGUARD.master is searching for non-secured PCs in order to suggest them for installation.
  • For all PCs connected to the hardware and software state a comprehensive analysis is created (inventory).The screenshot function can control the activity of individual computers.
    The database-driven high-end surface provides a comfortable working environment for administrators.
    There are didactic monitoring and control functions integrated in the teacher console.


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HDGUARD protects the PC from damaging changes by users, faulty programs, viruses and other interruptions. A simple re-start restores the original state of the computer automatically. Additional interference by an administrator or user is not necessary.

Using the HDGUARD.master, you now have the option to control your computers from one central workstation – provided your computers are networked. Not only that HDGUARD is simplifying system maintenance, additionally the HDGUARD.master has convinced a large number of administrators worldwide. They could experience the enormous reduction of maintenance time and expenses.


HDGUARD.master renders valuable services precisely in those instances where changes are made to the PCs – such as when installing program updates. The HDGUARD.master module centralizes control and monitoring of the computer networks protected by HDGUARD. You can activate or deactivate specific individual computers, entire rooms or simply all computers within your network. Monitor the protection of your computers automatically and arrange warning signals to appear if a computer is started up unprotected.

Graphic overviews of your PC rooms further simplifies the handling. You can see at a glance whether all desired computers are actually being protected by HDGUARD. Since the HDGUARD.master refers strictly to a software solution, just like a single station version, no hardware installation on your computer is required.