Akeydor’s Industry-Leading Security

The organizations we serve face stringent security requirements. Sensitive government information, confidential healthcare data, financial assets and identities – Netop Remote Control provides the tools to comply with industry regulations across the board, implement your own best-practice security policies and do so with market-leading encryption, authentication and access management.

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Akeydor’s Secure and Compliant Remote Support & Management

256-bit AES encryption protects data and meets regulatory standards
Centralized multi-factor authentication protects from unauthorized access
Integration with Directory Services, RADIUS, RSA SecurID and Smartcards
Granular control over all user permissions through individual or group definitions
Monitor, log and investigate with customized audit trails and session recordings
Achieve PCI, ISO & HIPAA compliance requirements for authentication & encryption; Meet government, health-care, retail and financial services security requirements
Define user controlled access for specific end users or machines

Help secure remote systems if sessions are disconnected abnormally by automatically locking or logging the remote machine

Dictate access to specific machines using MAC or IP lists

Further secure your deployment using Closed User Group license keys

Achieve PCI Compliance

PCI-compliant remote access is about keeping your customers’ credit card data safe. It’s a family of standards every merchant must follow, from a sidewalk boutique to a multinational enterprise. The basic checklist includes six points:

  • Protect and encrypt cardholder data during storage and transmission
  • Assign a unique ID to each user and restrict access to “need to know”
  • Track and monitor all access to your network and data
  • Secure your network with a firewall and strong passwords
  • Manage your vulnerability with secure systems and updated anti-virus software
  • Maintain an IT security policy that meets your needs


In other words, PCI is the ongoing effort to achieve best-practice business security for yourself and your customers. In the effort to become PCI-compliant, remote access is one of the most important keys.

Cardholder Security in Remote Support

Netop Remote Control provides the tools you need to achieve PCI-compliant remote access for the long haul, no matter how technology develops or your needs evolve.

Bulletproof data encryption Protect your data with key lengths up to 256 bits, and conform to best-practice standards (AES, HMAC and SHA) for data transmission, integrity verification and key exchange.

Two-factor authentication Assign each user a unique ID, render passwords unreadable during transmission and storage, and authenticate identity two to three times before login success.

Granular access rights Define security roles for hundreds to thousands of vendors, so every last consultant you hire has exactly the privileges they need – no more, no less.

Comprehensive audit trail Record who did what, when, on which system, every time, so you can answer any question you’re asked and put out fires immediately.