Akeydor’s strategic Partnership with Global leader Danaos has put the Company at the forefront of the Global Maritime Software Industry.


All in One Information Technology Maritime Partner

Danaos is the World Leader in Maritime Software and IT related services for the Global IT industry. Danaos has a rich 30+years experience serving over 500 shipping companies globally. Many major shipping global companies have been Danaos Customer’s for over 10 years.

The All New Danaos PlatformThe Professional Business and Social Network for Shipping

Integrating vast experience in all aspects of shipping (Management, Engineering, Operation, Accounting, Supplies, Brokerage, etc.) and Information Science (Software Development, Communications Technology, Internet and Mobile Technologies) DANAOS Management Consultants offers a full spectrum of Software Solutions to the Maritime & Oil and Gas Industries for over 30 years!


All integrated in a unified ENTERPRISE environment that seamlessly links all departments and locations ashore and onboard with third parties (charterers, agents, suppliers, traders, etc) and with the information available on the internet.

Thirty years of developing software for shipping has put Danaos Management Consultants at the forefront of maritime IT but its market position was strengthened further by the launch of an Enterprise version in 2013 – an industry first.