Keep Transactions Rolling in the Retail sector

Supermarkets, department stores, hotels – no matter what the business, success in retail revolves around transactions: getting the next car to the pump, flipping tables at a restaurant, moving goods on and off the shelves. Simply put, to let those transactions come to a halt is unaffordable.

How to meet these challenges?

  • Support hundreds to thousands of locations staffed by non-technical people
  • Service financial systems, attended or unattended, dispersed across a region
  • Resolve problems on specialized, data-sensitive POS devices, remotely
  • Comply with PCI remote software standards; implement security policies
  • Keep transactions rolling when something breaks and no one on site can fix it


Akeydor Limited in the Retail sector:

Not only does your Retail sector Remote Support Solution have to comply with PCI; remote software in retail has to let you provide highly secure, specialized support to financial systems with limited interfaces and formidable firewalls. To do that, it takes more than a superficial solution.

Akeydor has implemented software installations among some of the largest retailers in the world and as the Retail sector has been a focus industry to us for several years, a wide list of Software is available to test and deploy.