Akeydor Limited establishes Secure and Centralized Access to Devices, for the Building Automation industry

Building automation systems (BAS) play an important role in improving operational efficiencies, ensuring facilities perform at peak levels and providing a safe environment for occupants. Increasingly though, cyber attacks are threatening network integrity, public safety and, in some cases, national security.

Akeydor Limited supports the Global Building Automation industry

  • Protect devices that fall outside the scope of traditional remote access solutions
  • Create security zones to protect groups of devices and systems minimizing from cyber threats
  • Restrict access and permissions rights to authorized staff, external vendors and consultants
  • Implement additional security measures on a network without physical changes to the existing BAS
  • Deploy secure access within existing buildings, new construction, single facility or multi-facility environments
  • Perform audits by recording user access, timestamps and actions taken.


Akeydor Limited in the Building Automation industry:

Managing, controlling, tracking and monitoring mechanical, electrical, and lighting, as well as heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning (HVAC) equipment is vital to performance of any building or facility. Akeydor deployes solutions which secure and centralize access to these systems, thereby enabling organizations can significantly reduce malicious attacks and tampering with these systems.

Akeydor Limited:

Akeydor’s Products provide fast, secure, reliable access to any device within your IT environment, letting you monitor, troubleshoot and control computers and devices from almost any location. The result? Encrypted connections. Authorized access. Reduced liability. Netop, for example, is one of our cost-effective products to protect building automation systems and data.

Be equipped. Akeydor Limited gives your personnel the tools they need to resolve the problems they face: screen-sharing, remote mouse and keyboard control, file transfer, scripting, more.

Be secure. Akeydor Limited implements the right remote solution which offers industry-compliant encryption, multi-factor authentication, session logging and granular, client-defined access rights – so you can safeguard security, ensure compliance and avoid needless risk.

Be productive. Akeydor Limited Solutions are able to manage thousands of devices from an intuitive interface. When an unattended system goes down or needs to be serviced, you can respond immediately and get back up to speed, faster.

Be everywhere. Using Akeydor Limited solutions, you can take control of all your devices and support them wherever they are located. Do so securely across heterogeneous networks, without configuring firewalls, proxies or routers, and without relying on third-party servers.