Leadership cannot be taught. It is a state of mind. It is the personalities and the traits of its leaders that make companies thrive. And while the business opportunities around the world are enormous, our commitment to our clients is even greater.



IT companies need to grow fast, and that is what we help them do locally and globally. The objective of our services is to transform our clients into global market leaders in their selected target marge segments.


We design a go-to-market approach and execute it in the real world, in the production environment. We use the Alexander Osterwalder business model canvas,  the business model environment and other “open source” business development frameworks to shorten the planning cycle and face reality as fast as possible.


Speed and agility is the recipe. Fail fast and adjust until it works. We help you with all the steps in this process and stay with your team until we succeed.



Akeydor Limited was founded in 2007 by Michael Chatzilias and Soren Peter Andersen. More than 20 years of junior and subsequently in executive roles positioning IT companies’ products into global market arenas, resulted in the beginning of Akeydor Limited, an international distributor for specialized software products, and a strategic consultant for go-to-market models and corporate strategy.


Our Interview in the International Markets

 Stamatia Theodoridi

We are a global virtual team of business development professionals that are available for projects as a service for our IT clients. We pick the teams depending on the projects and for as long as the projects last.

We work exclusively with ambitious clients that single themselves out from their competitors with goal to take the position as market leaders.




We are also a passionate international team of business development professionals with expertise in implementing specialized business and academic software in the global market arenas, working closely with local partners, service providers and ambitious clients.

Our Interview in the International Markets






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Michael Chatzilias is an international strategist, a marketing and sales consultant. He works closely with directors on issues related to growing information technology companies to global market leaders. Michael Chatzilias is also an advisor for small and medium size IT companies. He holds a BA (Hons) in Business Strategy, International Marketing and Corporate Governance from the Universities of Westminster in London and Copenhagen Business School. LinkedIn: Michael Chatzilias