January 31st, 2017 
RDT, developer of HDGUARD permanent PC protection software, is pleased to inform that Akeydor Limited is the distribution source for HDGUARD products in your market area.

HDGUARDs unique hard disk backup and recovery concept protects your pc against faults, loss of data, or manipulations. Important data was deleted? Has your pc been infected by a virus, internet worm or any other kind of malware program? Has your operating system crashed and corrupted data stored on your hard disk?

Just reboot – and it recovers the stable original state of your pc automatically

Please click here for more details:

Please click here for partner details: https://www.hdguard.com/en/partner.html 

Akeydor Limited will be responding to licensing and pricing requests, and will provide you with the necessary technical support for your trial and full product versions. Akeydor Limited is the center for Remote Control and Classroom Management technologies, and we are pleased to have our HDGUARD products implemented by Akeydor’s Team.

Further contact: mc@akeydor.com and mb@akeydor.com