Akeydor is a growing Brand of Business Software & Technology Products
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Delivering Solutions

Delivering Solutions

Akeydor is a passionate and highly effective team that helps companies plan, build and deliver innovative software.
Working with our partners

Our Partners

We will do what it takes to create the best product for you, even if that means coping with changing requirements and shifting gears in mid-flight.
Our Goal: To Grow

Our Goal: To Grow

Our clients work in a competitive global landscape. We will go the extra mile: Many times that's the difference between good and great.
See our latest achievements

Our achievements

We architect business software within a variety of sectors and our achievements are implemented on companies of all sizes globally.

Leader in Remote Support and Management Software. Pioneer in Classroom Management Solutions.

Akeydor Limited is one of Earth’s Leading Global Suppliers of Software and Technology Products, Systems and Devices for the Worldwide Business and Academic Communities

Akeydor Limited

Financial Services

The financial industry isn’t just a business. It’s the backbone of the world’s economy...
Akeydor Limited

Retail Services

Supermarkets, department stores, hotels – no matter what the business...
Akeydor Limited


Akeydor’s strategic Partnership with Global leader Danaos...
Akeydor Limited


Think of telecommunications as the world’s biggest machine...

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Company News and Events

  • Akeydor Limited works closely with Danaos

    Akeydor Limited, representative for Danaos Ship Management, Commercial and Financial Suites in several markets today, launches DanaosONE Business and Community Platform where Companies are able to connect, promote, network, and build services for their customers in all industries.
  • Akeydor Limited releases new Product for Priviledged Account Password Security

    Akeydor Limited launches its new indispensable Priviledged Account Password Security Solution by Thycotic. Partners and Customers will enjoy Thycotic high scalability, its permanent availability and its ability to customize as well as become easily auditable. Akeydor's new solution, Thycotic, provides a fundamental Security layer for all important corporate passwords from one single console. Please see enclosed.


  • "A Professional Partner acting from Customers point of view", Erich Stadler, CEO, System Software, Austria.
    System Software, Austria
  • Akeydor is a partner that symbolizes a truly valuable relationship that allows for rapid adoption of Altibase’s time-proven In-Memory solutions in today’s demanding data market” Chung, CEO of Altibase Inc.
    Altibase, United States
  • "Akeydor helps us carry out several daily routines that we were not able to execute previously using other heavier technologies in our Bank. We have found Akeydor to be extremely flexible and helpful in our every day working routines", Manolis Sfakianakis, IT Manager at Pancreta Co-operative Bank.
    Pancreta Co-Operative Bank, Greece
  • We are very excited to work with Akeydor for the Russian market, to bring new products and technologies to Customers and Resellers. Our goal has always been to work with first class Partners who not only understand the markets but also understand how their products fit into the corporate environment”, Executives from Softline, Russia.
    Softline, Russia
  • I have researched and tested so many products before I switched to Akeydor's CRC Remote Control . Its well designed architecture makes it the best multi-platform software that can easily and perfectly be used with Windows and Linux”, Mohamed Shamsan, Head of IT for NCMS
    NCMS Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
  • "Danaos, a leading software provider for the world-wide maritime market, has been very pleased to appoint Akeydor as a distributor of its software products and services in the UK market. Akeydor has shown great enthousiasm and accumen in sourcing for potential customers in this territory for Danaos", Panagiotis Nomikos, Business Development Director, Danaos Management Consultants S.A.
    Danaos Management Consultants , United Kingdom
  • Akeydor’s Remote Control Solutions have helped our Customers regulate their internal IT department in a secure and efficient manner…..” Demi Kyriazi, CEO, Orthology Ltd.
    Orthology Ltd, Greece
  • ”I have been working with Akeydor for many years now and I am very happy for our co-operation. It is extremely important that the business value of Netop’s solutions is understood and promoted correctly by our distributors and Akeydor is a perfect example of that”, Anne Birthe Fricke, Partner Manager, Netop Solutions  
    Netop Solutions, Denmark

Akeydor Limited is proudly servicing clients and partners via the DanaosONE platform. Join DanaosONE by registering online: www.danaos1.com

To see more about our DanaosONE Platform, please visit http://web2.danaos.gr/maritime-software/danaosone-platform/